Symptoms of a Dirty Transmission Filter

The transmission of a car or truck regulates the power of the motor vehicle. This power is transferred to the wheels, which move the vehicle. The transmission system is critical and can be expensive to repair if something goes wrong, says Samuel Sarto of Chicago Transmission Repair. Familiarize yourself with the symptoms of a dirty transmission filter can help to detect minor maintenance issues before they become real headaches requiring major repairs, which will save money in the long term, avoiding rental cars and taxi services.

Sliding Transmission

One indicator of a dirty filter is a transmission slip when you are driving. The gearbox can jump, shudder and you can even notice a change of irregular or uneven speeds. You can also hear a thumping sound. If the transmission filter is clogged, the lubricating fluid cannot circulate, causing the transmission to slip.

Leaks transmission fluid

If you notice a leak or reddish brown colored liquid under the engine, it could be the transmission fluid. This could indicate that the transmission filter is clogged. Take your vehicle to a qualified while the leak is a minor mechanical problem.

The transmission fluid is dirty or is at low level

You can check the transmission fluid in your car to detect if it is dirty or kept at a low level. Put the car in parking mode, open the hood and remove the rod from the transmission. Clean the dipstick with a clean cloth, then reinsert and remove it again to check the fluid level. If the level is low, add enough liquid to increase the level line “Fill” or “Max”. Check if the transmission fluid is dirty by placing a drop on a wet paper towel. Clean transmission fluid may have a red or brown color, should not be black or contain metal fragments.