Types of motorcycles

There are many types of bikes to adapt to everyday life or the user’s needs.

Motorcycles road:

As its name suggests, are intended for exclusive use by road due to the configuration of its construction, and these in turn can be:

Tourism: used to travel, and have a relaxed riding position, with more or less right body and usually come equipped with bags and high windshield.

Custom (English custom) that motorcycles are not much power, where what prevails is the torque and low speed.

The custom bikes are motorcycles so to speak tuning way as each owner usually modify them to suit your taste, (within the law or not), making it very difficult to find two identical custom motorcycles (in theory).

HI Sport: they are the closest thing to a race bike, and where, what prevails above all are sports facilities, tourist sacrificing qualities Usually motorcycles “HI Sport” usually include the most advanced technology available in the world of motorcycle road.

Motorcycles field:

Also known as “Off Road” which are shaped for use on uneven ground and is divided into:

Motorcycles “trial”: characterized by a change in very short speeds and very high torque, Used circulate very steep terrain and to save big obstacles.

Motorcycles “cross”: characterized by their ability to travel on rough terrain at relatively high speed. Unable enrollment (although some models are kits for it) so you are only usable in circuit, no lighting system.

Motorcycles “Trail” is motorcycles that are adapted to film both on road and off. They are a cross between road bikes and motorbikes field, its greatest virtue is its versatility.

Other types of motorcycles

Motorcycles “Super-motored” motorcycles that are having the shape of motorcycle endurance but are intended to run on paved areas as they have smooth type wheels.

“Pocket bikes” or mini-bikes: miniature motorcycles are equipped with an internal combustion engine whose operation is identical to any motorcycle with the only difference being the size and displacement.

Electric bikes: Traditionally the power source for the electric motor has been batteries, but the development of fuel cells has provided several prototypes. Some examples: Intelligent Energy ENV, the Honda scooter using the Honda FC Stack, and the Yamaha FC-aqel. They are also developing hybrid gasoline-powered motorcycles and electric. Examples include Ecycle, and Yamaha Gen-RYU.