Tips for buying a second hand bike

When choosing a bike, there are always doubts and if we are also looking for a second hand, we want to ensure we are doing a good buy. Here, tips to bear in mind:

How much want to spend

You must first be clear about what kind of bike you need and how much you want to spend. Are you going to move around the city? Will you go out with your girl on weekends? Maybe you think you are hit with a scooter for commuting, but we recommend that you review your route: You’re on ring roads? Perhaps you need a larger displacement. How much will it cost me a more powerful bike? Do not forget the extras you’ll helmet, motorcycle insurance, review, among others.

Where can I buy it?

There are stores where they sell second hand bikes and also offer you a guarantee, but can you get it a little more expensive. The other option is to buy a particular (through an ad in the press or internet). If the seller lives nearby, will be easier to go to prove it.

Request information from dealer

How many kilometers have? Have you suffered damage or blows? Do you keep the invoice of purchase? Do you have maintenance? Has made ​​the ITV? Hazel all questions you deem convenient and very importantly, why sell it? If you accompany with a friend understood the issue better.

 Check out the bike

A peek at the tires and transmission chain can give you an idea of the condition of the bike. Tip: check the ends of the cuffs. If damaged, they can reveal falls. Cold pull it out, take a walk with her, stops, turns, listen to how it sounds; definitely feel it. Beware of low mileages, if the condition of the bike tells you otherwise.

Reliability with papers

Writes the contract carefully, describing in detail the bike and make sure you figure the identity of both parties and the registration certificate on behalf of the seller. It also should be noted:

  • The card vehicle inspection.
  • The motorbike insurance.
  • The bike is aware of municipal tax of motor vehicles.

Make sure you do it right

No rush. There is always “other interested person”. Requests the seller a written declaration that the bike has no declaration hidden defects (counts six months to check). Make sure you are not attached, asking for a report of ownership in the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT).

Think ahead

Save all this documentation and cares for your bike, always having it updated and in order. The next time you might be applying all those papers to you, if you want to sell.