Specifications Motorcycle Yamaha Maxim 650 model 1982

The Yamaha Maxim 650 1982 model is a large displacement motorcycle. This type of motorcycles evokes the style that was fashionable in the United States in the mid-twentieth century. Large displacement motorcycles are not made ​​to run at high speeds but are intended to drive in highways with a passenger. The Maxim, launched in 1980, was the first large displacement motorcycle Yamaha.

Power specifications

The motorcycle Maxim 650 came equipped with an air-cooled 653cc engine. This engine was four cylinder four-stroke with two valves per cylinder and camshaft head. The potency was 71 horse power to 9,600 rpm with a torque of 5.5 kg to 9.400. The fuel is fed by four 32mm Hitachi carburetors. The motorcycle Maxim 650 had a transistorized ignition and drive shaft.

Chassis specifications

The chassis of the motorcycle including air assisted telescopic forks on the front and five adjustable preload on the back. The motorcycle Maxim had a single disc brake on the front wheel and brake drum on the back.

Physical specifications

The dry weight of the Maxim model 1992 was 203 kg; the capacity of the fuel tank was 13 liters. This motorcycle could travel 47 miles (75.2 km) with one gallon (3.79 liters) of fuel. Its maximum speed was 120 mph. The speed of the motorcycle Maxim was measured at 107 miles (171.2 km) per hour in the quarter mile fixed.