Motorcycles road / tourism: for the experienced driver

The road bike is designed for users who not only use the bike as an occasional vehicle but part of her life and enjoys making routes and long trips with her. We are facing higher categories in both displacement and prices. In general, this type of model requires experienced users, who have years of experience as motorcyclists.

They are heavy, unwieldy and have a higher consumption but instead offer more comfort for the driver and passenger. In this segment, there is a wide range of models to suit all budgets such as; Suzuki GSX 1250 FA: the best market value (10,700 Dollars), or BMW R 1200RT: Priced from 18,000 Dollars, which is the great reference segment, synonymous with comfort, class and equipment.

Motorcycle sport: for lovers of emotions to the limit

Manufactured for experienced lovers of speed, are not recommended for beginners or for urban routes. It is complex and motorcycles driving very fast (can reach 280 kilometers per hour). The driver must have sufficient qualities to handle with ease. Although it is difficult to recommend a model because all of this segment squander technology and performance, as an example, we mention the Suzuki GSX-R750 (10,999 Dollars), Honda CBR600F (8,000 Dollars), Kawasaki Ninja (13,000 Dollars) and Yamaha YZF6 (13,800 dollars).

There is, therefore, a wide range of models and types to suit every type of user, so before making a major outlay is worth examining what best suits us to not end our bike parked in the garage.