Motorcycle naked: for lovers of pure sensations

For drivers who want to feel all the speed they can provide both wheels, the market offers the naked models (nude) Motorcycle simple to manage, not very expensive to purchase and maintain, and intended for everyday use. Most are suitable, or can be limited to A2 license holders. An example is the Suzuki Glades 650: one of the most economical of this style, with a price of 5,500 Dollars. It has a simple, modest equipment, but high quality and with a successful design. If you come from a lower displacement and want a cheap and reliable motorbike, this is your bike. Other examples are the Honda CB500F or NC700S, both known for their smooth and progressive engine, which allows easy driving, and reliable braking, no scares. And we end with this type of motorcycles with Kawasaki Z800, the current selling category thanks to its successful combination of performance / design / quality / price, possibly the “fattest bike” that can be worn with A2 license.

Motorcycle custom: for those seeking exclusivity

The term custom means customization, so that drivers of these bikes looking for something exclusive and unique. Currently almost all manufacturers offer such options and opportunities are numerous. Most can adapt to the requirements of A2 license. Some outstanding models are the Harley Davidson Spotter 883, equipped with the Evolution engine; it highlights the absence of vibrations, drivability, good braking and stability which makes it a suitable even for beginner’s bike. You can purchase for about 9,000 Dollars. Another example is the Yamaha Midnight Star XVS1300A, an interesting option with a mechanical look retro and 100% reliable, with nothing excessive consumption. From the starting price of 10,000 Dollars you can extend and customize their services.

Motorcycle trail: for all kinds of use

They are the most versatile and balanced market models. Speaking of robustness, we also talk about motorcycles trail, the great travelers, designed for all types of terrain, so you can go with her to anywhere on the planet.

A physical force required to sit in one of them we can add some experience and a good amount of Dollars if you want to buy quality, because the trail par excellence, the BMW R 1200GS, reaches almost 18,700 Dollars in his model Simpler as that added to its extensive equipment, makes it the market leader. But there’s a great deal cheaper and equally valid for all types of use models. Some of the best examples of this category are the Triumph Tiger 800 (Suitable for A2), Suzuki V-Strom 650ABS (Suitable for A2) or Honda NC700X (Suitable for A2).