If you choose to buy a second hand bike

  • For the same money you can find a motorbike higher.
  • It’s easy to find a good bargain just takes a little patience and time.
  • We must be cautious but generally the bikes are usually sold in good condition and without guile.
  • We recommendation, if you are a beginner the second hand is a good choice. If the motorcycle world like “traps” and have time to clearly define your preferences and needs, and carefully choose your next new bike.

What guarantees does the brand of the bike I buy? Note that maybe the bike is cheap but think, if it will be easy to find replacement parts or if you will be able to give good support in case of failure.

 Details that will help you choose a motorcycle properly

  • Check the vibration transmitting the bike. Imagine a long journey constantly feeling that vibration did you endures? Have it in mind.
  • Make it easy to handle, no awkward postures or gestures or excessive pressures on driving.
  • Utility horn. Do you really hear? There are many bikes with ridiculous horn. Make no mistake, the bikes we do not see well and good advice can save us from an accident.
  • Rate your seat very seriously. It is very important that you are comfortable and well designed.
  • Good ability to tilt. Check the space that will be to the ground, if too little can be dangerous.

And while we encourage you that you do all these rational questions, you should also know that you should never give up the passion when choosing a bike. You have to like and you have to feel inside you. It is very important that once the brain has worked, leave room in your heart and let him make the final choice.