History of Harley Davidson Softail Custom

The year 1984 was great for Harley-Davidson. The company introduced the Evolution engine, after seven years of development. The 1,340 cc engine debuted in five models of that year, including the new line Softail. The Softail was designed to resemble classic bikes with rear wheels mounted rigidly. Original Softail, resembled the Harley-Davidson Hydra-Glide, introduced in 1948 and produced until 1957.

The design work of the Softail chassis started in a garage in San Luis in 1974. Bill Davis, an avid motorcycle customizer not affiliated with Harley-Davidson, preferred the look of the models of front suspension, “but my interest was in long trips, so I could not live with the horrible and uncomfortable journey rigid management “.

Davis personalized your Harley-Davidson Super Glide 1972, adding a triangular swingarm and single shock absorber motorcycle snow hidden under the seat. Davis continued to refine its prototype and finally Harley-Davidson introduced in August 1976. It would be many years later, in 1982 that Davis and Motor Company finally reached an agreement. Harley-Davidson introduced the design Davis Softail 1984.

Introduction to the Softail Custom

Harley-Davidson Softail introduced two new models in 1986: The Heritage Softail FLHTC and FXSTC Softail Custom. The “FL” on Heritage denotes that the motorcycle had larger front forks; the “FX” from the Custom meant that uses smaller forks, inspired by the Sportster models. The FXSTC Custom was the deluxe version of FXST Softail Standard. The Custom had more chrome, including engine covers and accents on the frame.

First improvements to the Softail Custom

The Harley-Davidson Softail Custom kept the Evolution engine of 82 cubic inches or 1,340 cc models until 1999. By 2000, all Softail models received the 1450 cc engine balanced Twin Cam 88B. The following year, Harley-Davidson electronic fuel injection added to the Custom and the rest of the Softail line.

More improvements Softail Custom

Harley-Davidson again increased engine size for Softail Custom for the 2007 model year addition Twin Cam 96 engine of 1,584 cc, the Custom and the rest of the Softail line received a new six-speed Cruise Drive, to replace a five-speed version that had been using since 1986. The electronic injection system was also updated for 2007; the same year, the Custom Style experienced some improvements, including a new one-piece seat with integrated passenger backrest.

Driving the Softail Custom

Bill Davis originally developed the Softail because he liked the look of classic motorcycles rigid, but required a more comfortable rear suspension for longer rides. However, the suspension system hides the Softail Custom has limits; for the appearance of the classical rigid bikes, the Custom was built to be lower, limiting the travel of the wheel and drove to a harsher ride. Additionally, the engine is firmly mounted on the frame, which will increase vibration. The Softail Custom is a bike for a very distinctive style, but may not be the best option for long-distance travel.