Factors to consider when buying a second hand bike

Buying a second hand bike is not routine: When choosing one should be very clear what kind of bike you are looking for, what you’re going to use or what type of vehicle you drive under the license you have.

Driving license

There are many types of motorcycles and, unlike cars; there are 4 different types of license to drive. Depending on the permit or permits you possess can drive one kind or another. Thus, being in possession of AM permission only enables you to handle mopeds, the A1 allows you to drive motorcycles up to 125 cc, have the A2 means you can ride bikes with a maximum power of 35 kW and permit A , the most high, gives rise to drive any type of bike.

Now if you have none of these 4 permits bike but you have an antique car in the license, B, exceeding three years you are allowed to drive mopeds and motorcycles up to 125 cc. Of course, if you’ve never driven a motorcycle should not to rush when you buy one, you must first check if you are able to drive one of these vehicles. If this is the case decanters a second hand bike can be a success, although you can afford a new bike.