Customizing and maintaining our car

Manual cutting and original mechanics of many vehicles are essential to maintain proper function of our car, and of course know in detail the characteristics of essential engineering that create the most significant differences between brands.

That is why here are some manuals and tutorials intended for general mechanics, which occupy the great majority of vehicles in parts of standardized character and in many cases to know them when we perceive our vehicle maintenance or need to use our shop trust is essential.

Aerodynamics of competition: The manual is based on the professional conceptions seeking the best performance by morphological change our car lines, which generate substantial changes in driving, in the following manual turns find our modifications tuning in character suspension and spoilers which not being respected in their functional aesthetic dimensions can be considered highlights but far from empowering our engine fall to the detriment of the same anchoring our car to the ground.

Steering and Suspension: In this manual we will learn what are the basic characteristics in the suspension and steering of our cars, it can appreciate how gradual changes in the evolution of our suspension are causing a decrease in the gravitational angle, which can be or improve the grip of our car when cornering, with respect to the direction we will obtain information about its basic operation, troubleshooting and inquire; frequent.

Air Brakes: While not all require this information, you can get help save a lot of money especially considering the large number of professional mechanical assistance is required against unconventional systems, which is why those who have a circuit braking air pressure, greatly appreciate the formation of this material.

Empowerment Engines : Modify the power of our engine is simple or complex depending on the required needs and the type of change, in the following manual changes will have several classic and commonly applied by simple anchor kits marketed , while on the other hand stand the important changes that are transforming our engine can achieve a true journey.