Changing the car oil

The car oil is a very important set of mechanisms to ensure its proper functioning part. Therefore, the oil change is one of the basic tasks in vehicle maintenance. Not only must we take this into account when we go on a journey, but should be a task that must be performed regularly.

First of all, we know when we have to change the oil. The manufacturer usually indicates every how many miles we have to do this maintenance. It is best to follow these guidelines while we should also note that if we use some car oil can also deteriorate. In no case should exceed 30,000 miles on the same oil.

The second point to be observed is what oil you have to put the car. At this point, we must also be guided by what the manufacturer says. Then if we have time, try to find the vendor that we offer the best price.

We’re in a position to undertake the task, so we choose the right place. If you do not have a particular field, we can choose a level place on the outskirts of the city or town, in order to not disturb other citizens.

Once in position, turn on the car and the engine warmed up a bit. With this what you get is that the oil changes to a liquid state, which favors removal. A couple of minutes will suffice.

Now, we prime the pump we use to extract the oil used. We remove the plugs and put him in his place tubes, through which pass the old oil.

Before going to the car engine is very important stop. Now, proceed with care not to burn because the engine is warm. We took the rod from the oil tank of our car and exchange it for the smallest tube breast pump. We look at the tube reaches to the bottom right.

The other pump pipes connect you with the container which will contain used oil. It should be emphasized at this point that we take special containers and not dispose of it anywhere.

We are ready to put the pump to work. To achieve this, we place the clamps on the battery terminals being careful to observe the polarity and we can press the button on the pump.

Once the tank is empty, we remove the pump. Then place a funnel into the tank inlet and started to put the oil back, slowly, careful not to spill.