Changing the car alternator

The alternator has the important function of supplying electricity to the electrical system of the car through the battery. An alternator messed make ends discharged battery and the car does not work.

An indicator light on the panel will inform us that our car the alternator is failing, which easily know that the time has come to change.

If you plan to change your car’s alternator you should know that to be an electrical element, obviously for safety reasons the vehicle engine must be switched off at the time of the operation. We must also disconnect the negative battery terminal.

After settling a pair of gloves before removing the alternator spoiled, we have to remove the belt. To find out how to place it later without problems, it is preferable that we draw a map on paper how is located.

A After removing the belt, started working with the alternator. We have to disconnect any electrical item and others that may be, depending on the engine design, which prevent us from accessing it.

With a suitable screwdriver, proceed to remove the fixing screws, which split up to put in the new alternator.

Once free of screws, we must exert enough force for removing the old alternator.

Then proceed to put the new alternator and the other elements that we had removed: screws and belt. Ready! You can now have a new alternator in your car.

Remember that if you make this difficult process, it is best to go to a qualified mechanic.