Changing the brake fluid of a car

Change and bleed the brake fluid is a delicate operation, because if you do well can be compromised your safety when driving, so read this article and do well only if you’re sure.

It is also dangerous to change the brake fluid because it is a very corrosive element, so if you do protect yourself good eyes and hands. You will need someone to help you.

If you do not detect any problems before, suffice to change the brake fluid in your car every two years or every 40,000 kilometers.

Open the hood of the vehicle, which must be turned off and on a level place. You should use a syringe directly on the boat car brake fluid to remove the old one. Immediately enter the new. The aim is to prevent air from entering the system. If this occurs, the brakes would not be 100% effective, so pay close attention to this point.

Then you have to go removing each of the wheels of the car, to access the trap from the brake caliper. The order you should go for this operation is as follows:

  • Left rear wheel.
  • Right rear wheel.
  • Left front wheel.
  • Right front wheel.

In each of the wheels, you have to do is this? First, remove the protective plastic tube that leaves the bowler brake. Then you need to connect a rubber sleeve. At the other end of this instrument you should put a container in which the liquid is deposited.

Once these connectors are in the right way, begins the purge. Before loosening the bleeder screw, your partner must pump, i.e., apply the brakes repeatedly but without background.

Then, you must open the trap and your assistant should slowly depress the brake to the back, to start pouring. The tread should be slow and, when it reaches the bottom, you must notify your assistant to close the trap.

After you’ve done this with the first round, you have to open the hood and check the level of brake fluid in the pot is between the minimum and maximum levels. If you do not reach the minimum, fill before continuing to the next round and closes the pot.

Each time you finish the operation with each wheel, in addition to checking the brake fluid level of the boat, while the trap closes, remove the sleeve and placed the plastic cover, then replace the wheel.