A bike that fits you

The bike, like clothes, you must adjust to our body. Most are standard size and intended to be valid for everyone, but there are exceptions that must be considered if we are also particularly high or particularly low. For most large and tall a small bike can be uncomfortable. Go shrunken not allow us to relax and make us less safe. Some small naked or most sports would not be the best for them. For smaller or budget a big bike is not recommended.

A voluminous and high bike with a seat too high can prevent reaching the ground with their feet and that, in addition to subtract trust can be dangerous. Some large tourism and maxi-trail are not the best option. If this will be your first bike is important not come big, there are bikes of all sizes, there is always a made ​​to measure where you find comfortable.

A new or used motorcycle

Buy new or used is always a very personal decision but it is interesting to note the following. Once we are clear what style of bike is the one that suits us it’s time to ask something important what budget we have. Note to buy a motorcycle is not just about the bike, if your first bike that budget should include the equipment you need to enjoy and basic (a helmet, gloves, boots and jacket) and provides a good payout.

By purchasing one new bike you ensure some advantages: security, payment facilities and immaculate condition of the bike, and although everything has a price also a tranquility. When you buy a used bike, price is always much smaller and if their condition is good sometimes worth to a new bike. A motorbike used is usually a good choice to start, beginners will give their first steps with less worry and check if you start in this world was a wise decision will always be much cheaper. It is important to know how to buy a used motorbike.

A bike that you like!

Choosing a bike that suits your profile is the first thing to consider, but just as important is that the choice is a bike you like, one of you proud. The world of two wheels is particularly passionate, the perfect bike is one that meets your needs and what makes you happy just to see her every day.